Our Story

Many adolescent girls in Nigeria face human rights abuses on a daily basis, including gender-based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and limitations on their mobility, education, employment, and participation in public life which delay their progression and development and impede their human rights and dignity.


Acknowledging the role, and importance, of adolescent girls in achieving inclusive and sustainable development is crucial to ensuring progress especially in all issues affecting them directly such as their education, health, human rights and dignity.

Rise up in collaboration with Action Health Incorporated trained sixty (60) girl leaders ages 13-18 from across Lagos State on leadership and public advocacy to strengthen their voices in demanding for change. 


We will be engaging decision-makers and policy-makers at multiple levels to address issues affecting girls in Lagos State.

Programme Goal

To Strengthen Girls-led advocacy efforts in equity, equality, rights, education, health and wellbeing of girls in Lagos State.

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