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A GIFT FOR MY JEWEL (Every girl child) OUT THERE

Hello my jewelry! I trust you are doing great. Meanwhile, hope we are observing the stay home notices and safe-distancing measures. All is well.

Now let's be truthful:

How many times have you eaten today? 2,3,4 or countless. We can be more constructive in valuable things than food. When you involve more in indoor activities you will be able to kill boredom, anxiety and other related indoor unhealthy illnesses such as insomnia and hypovitaminosis (vitamins D deficiency).

Indoor activities are as follows :

-Pray often, meditate on God's word.

-Clean your environment regularly.

-Listen to the news.

-Join the E-learning classes online.

-Read to equip yourself.

-Exercise the body.

-The body needs sunlight too.

Now on a more crucial matter:Your body is your prestige and your dignity. 'Say NO' to molestation and harassment that might come from brothers, uncles, stepdads, male cousins etc. An idle mind is a devil's workshop. A jobless man thinks of nothing but mischievous act. Once faced with such don't hesitate to do the necessity such as:

-Shout for help.

-Say NO to sexual intercourse.

-Don't accept their gift if you know you have no commodity to pay back with,don't pay with your body.

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