• Angel Isioma


A poem by Okolie Angel Isioma - a girl child advocate.

I am a girl,

an optimistic girl,

a dream girl,

keeping all statoos,

skills and requirements.

In lining myself to where I belong,

among the distinguished,

yes off course.

For my class

is far far above,

where only patient determines,

who could stretch hands,

and grab the stars,

with conditions, yes I know.

I have to go beyond,

sensitive to my ministry,

familiarizing the walls of schools,

scattering the piles of books,

breaking the walls of libraries,

and causing explosure in the internet.

In order to link to many views,

with my own kind of philosophy.

That will enable me to sit with

the scholars, elites, literal men,

publishers, media,

publicities, public figures off course

with a sound linguistic structure,

and voice projection techniques.

My capacity will stand out

to uplift girls and women alike,

especially; "the girl child".

The possibility lies on the ability that

I'm a "literate" girl,

having toured round the world,

seen the good and bad,

sprout from minor to class,

experienced lack and plenty,

now living in surplus,

fit to address a crowd of 250,000 people.

I now stand bold with

a professional eloquent

to defend my right

and that of others

with my voice rings high,

freedom! ! !

Free that girl,

that woman

from all sorts of violence.

Freedom! ! !

Free that girl

that woman

from gender inequality,

discrimination, assault,

rape, all sorts of inequality.

Then I pause to ask;

"Who am I ?"


©2020 by Girls Voices Lagos.