• Angel Isioma


Written by Ifeanyi Favour Chinecherem - a girl child advocate

Girls Voices Initiative(GVI)…has enlighten my life positively, in a way of showing me courage, creativity in photography , a better way of relating with my friends, family and my community as a whole.

During the one week training, I learnt a lot of things like being a girl leader, attributes of being a girl leader, how to be an advocate, advocacy skills like communication, presentation and collaboration. How to have an efficient advocacy rights of a girl child, values clarification, decision making . I also learnt how social media can be used for advocacy in our society, especially through pictures. The advocacy steps(identifying your target).

However, after the training I have been able to impact knowledge to other girls in my community, school and places I have been to on the rights of a girl child and qualities involved in being a girl child leader like being bold, confident and outspoken. I enlightened them on the ways they can create change in their community with the use of advocacy steps and how to be alert if they are involved in any suspicious situation. I also learnt how to speak up for myself and make my own decisions about life.

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