• Fiona Njom

The New Change Agent

I have always been one who likes to help out people in need, help people find solutions to their problem and I strongly disapprove of a lot of issues surrounding girls lives. GVI was a great platform for me to learn more about all this and help out the way I can.

It also helped in developing my leadership skills so much for I am one who loves leading people to do the right things. The program and training has really impacted my life so much that I know I will do real good in future times.

Taking up the advocacy project was not so easy but it was funny and a good experience. I got to meet people and Stakeholders who I know I wouldn't have met on just a normal ground. It was wonderful.

I know I have created a change in MENDE community and I look forward to making more changes as a Girl Advocate with my voice for girls all around me.

Shout out to Action Health Incorporated, Rise Up and Cummings for all their support. ~ Njom Ifunanya Maryann

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