• Ajibola Ayomide


Written by~ Nasiru Sadbat, Girl Advocate.

I feel honored to be part of d Girls' Voices Initiative from the beginning till date. It has been a life-changing experience.

Taking responsibility: I have always turned a blind eye to d problems affecting girls, to me I thought everyone should face their problems. But now, my perspective about girls problems has changed, now I feel like I have to take responsibility and be ready to help any girl facing any problem in any way I can help.

Teamwork: I also like doing my things my way because I don't like to work in a group because I feel like I can handle any task on my own perfectly, but now I have realized that working with two or more persons makes work easier and faster.

Friends: I have been able to meet a new wonderful set of people, I have made friends and I'm so happy to have met them during this period because most of the girls have motivated by their stories and lifestyles.

The social media week is something I can't leave out if I have to talk about my experience in this program. The social media week was a great experience, I learned a lot from the seminar, such as: empowering a girl child is very important, because they can be able to contribute to governance and the economy of the country.

Also, I learned that to catch the attention of ur audience u have to focus on your body language because communication is not all about speaking, the message u pass across with your body language catch the attention of the audience.

Basically, the past few months that I have been part of this program has been a marvelous experience, and I'm so glad to be part of the program.

It an experience to remember for life.

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