• Angel Isioma


A poem by Okolie Angel Isioma ~a girl child advocate.

Are you really yourself?

Or someone else?

Do you have a replica?

Look at the mirror beside you,

Who do you see?

You ! Just you !

A special being,

That can't be compared,

There's no another,

You are a whole,

Not a fraction,

That's uniqueness.

Identical twins?

Same DNA, genotype,

But still different phenotype,

As environment opposes,

Same look, different characters,

That's uniqueness.

Be yourself,

Is just you no another,

Often times people do all sorts,

To be someone else,

Plastic surgery, butt and bust enlargements,

That's not uniqueness.

Borrowed bikinis, clothes,

Shoes, cars, houses,

Pose in boutiques,


Island Beach in Nigeria,

That's not uniqueness.

Be yourself,

Don't be another,

By trying to be another,

You emulate, imitate,

Copy, giraffe and pirate,

That's not uniqueness.

Be yourself,

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders,

Stop killing your skin pigment,

That's not where beauty lies,

You can be dark or white, still look beautiful,

That's uniqueness.

Be yourself !

Someone once told me,

"I used someone's picture for my profile,

Because I am not handsome",

When I took a closer look at both pics,

He was really more handsome.

There is no ugly person on earth,

In my own findings,

The most ugliest person on earth,

Is she (he) that fails to work,

On self esteem and body carriage,

Not facial look, color or figure.

Anthony Dwight sued his parents,

For being born white,

While a negro teen has killed,

The layers of her (his) skin,

In order to look beautiful,

That's not uniqueness.

When you are yourself,

You become the first version,

But when you are someone else,

You become the second version,

Fake, imitator,


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