• bukunoluwa81

BEING A GIRL LEADER- Akuchieani Favour

it all started December last year when we were camped and trained to build our capacity on leadership and advocacy. To me, the one week was one of the most important week of my life as it made me realize girls' vulnerability and it has helped me in a lot of ways.

it has built my self-confidence and I have been able to express myself boldly and assertively. I can't imagine am a GIRL LEADER.

Our advocacy project was in Mende Community and we advocated on ending SEXUAL HARASSMENT. My advocacy project was a great idea of experience, the people of Mende community were at first very reluctant in accepting us, but when they saw our determination and persistence, they finally supported us. During our research, we heard a story of a young girl who has been affected by this dangerous act.

The program has taught me never to give up on myself no matter the obstacles that come my way, to be a girl leader and advocate. It has also improved my public speaking, as I was once a shy girl but ever since I became part of the program it has improved my self-confidence and have also been able to always respect others decision.

Thanks to Action Health Incorporated, RiseUp, CUMMINS for this great opportunity.

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