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Written by~ Victoria Benedict, Girl Advocate

Social Justice is the way in which human rights are manifested in the everyday lives of people at every level of society, and it's based on the concept of human rights and equality. Now to the closing of the inequality gap to achieve social justice, in our world today we all agree that inequality is one of the problems faced by people today, especially the females, although there are various events that have created awareness and orientation for inequality, it hasn't been completely removed.

The causes of the inequality gap to achieve social justice can be traced back to our gender norms and various belief systems, wherein our world today, females go through emotional pain and young people faces discrimination due to their various backgrounds and status in society. These causes have different effects on people's lives and properties, effects like; loss of interest to participate in the well being of a particular society, emotional pain and some even feel isolated.

Breaking down social barriers can be a very good way of closing the inequality gap to achieve social justice. in our country today, not all social activities do an average person have access to, a very good instance is if an average person goes to the bank to get a loan and a well-known person with high class and status should come after the average person, it is very clear that the bankers would definitely attend to the well-known person first, inequality has come in and the average person has been cheated and swept aside just like that. So if we all contribute to the breaking down of social barriers we would be taking a very big step in closing the inequality gap to achieve social justice.

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