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Educating the Girl Child

A Poem by Ifunanya Njom (In commemoration of International Day of Education)


The light of our lives

The key to a bright and fulfilling future

A glue that joins our dreams like a suture


A path to divine success

A smooth drive to greatness

Gives our thinking a different appearance

And helps drive away ignorance


A life boat that sees us through the days of storm

A life sustaining assets

A powerful weapon we can use to change the world


A torch of academic brilliance

A backbone of inner resilience

The root maybe bitter but the fruit is sweet at the end

Everyone deserves education

It is our right

In it out future is bright

So, a girl deserves education

She is not just a woman who will end up in the kitchen

She is not a coffee maker or a cleaner

She is a girl , full of great potentials that can change the world

She must be given a chance to realize her goals and make the world a better place

Give a girl child education and she will lead a great nation


Education is for everyone,

Education makes leaders

Education is the bedrock for success

Education makes a change

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