• Angel Isioma

EDUCATION IS EVERYONE'S RIGHT (it should be affordable because accessibility targets is for all).

A write up Okolie Angel Isioma ~a girl child advocate.

A reference to Children's Right Act of 2003;"Every child should have access to education regardless of the child's gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability etc.

The International Day of Education is an annual international observance held on the 24th of January and is dedicated to education. On December 3rd, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming January 24th as INTERNATIONAL DAY OF EDUCATION, in celebration of the role of education for bringing global peace, empowerment of people, preservation of environment, shared prosperity and sustainable development.

The right to education is ensured in article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. The declaration calls for FREE AND COMPULSORY elementary education. The convention on the Rights of the child adopted in 1989,goes further to stipulate that countries shall make higher education ACCESSIBLE to all.

When it adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015, the international community recognized that education is essential for the success of all 17 of its goals. Sustainable Development Goal 4, in particular, aims to"ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"by 2030.

Having looked into these facts, friends, we can create a difference in our society by giving children and those who have missed this privilege a second chance. By encouraging both children and adult education, giving them the support of continuity so as to build up their courage. It could be possible if only knowledge could be shared with those around us without the thought of (what do I stand to gain) money.

What is your yardstick to quantify #150, 000 school fee of a 2 years old child? Where is the accessibility? Do you know that to be half taught or half backed is worse than illiteracy. Moreover, a dogmatic lifestyle fuels ignorance. There is no limit to learning. If a professor could still acquire advanced degree in the course he teaches, how much more you and I. "Better be late than never", is a proverb that explains that age is no barrier to education, and no brain is too rusty or can not be taught. There can only be a dull teacher with a dull methodology and skill, NO DULL STUDENTS.


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