• Angel Isioma


Written by Ajayi Olamide - a girl child advocate.

Advocacy means identifying and calling for change and guiding decision makers towards solution .

I learnt that change can take place on several level e.g local government level

Like the advocacy we are doing presently at oshodi Local Council Development Area ;guiding the chairman of Oshodi LCDA on how to provide solution to the problems of girls dropping out of schools.

This advocacy program by AHI,GVI has also taught me what to do as an advocate like blogging and vlogging reports and materials to promote the rights of girls e.g I Ajayi Olamide posted a beneficial report on World Menstrual Hygiene Day to help spread the awareness on the importance of being clean and hygienic during menstrual period .

It has also helped me to be an agent of change by us collaborating to generate a stronger voice to promote the rights of girls e.g when we group 2 collaborated and went to shomolu senior high school to advocate the students on the importance of education ,knowledge and that education is the best legacy .

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