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Written by~ Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict, Girl Advocate.

Failing doesn't mean that that's the end of life, it doesn't mean that that's your end of the road, or that the almighty has forsaken you, but failing is a reminder that you are trying well but you need to try harder, you've loosened up from what you use to do before, you've started relenting or you just decided to take a break from hard work, it might also be that it's not time for you to get that thing you failed to get because every individual has specific time and period in which the almighty has programmed for him/her.

Falling also doesn't mean it's the end. it's only telling you to try harder and if you're not ready to take risks because you're afraid of failing, then you are not even trying at all, because life is all about taking risks. If you are not prepared to take risks, then you're not prepared to live life.

Crying or thinking over failure doesn't help, it gets you nowhere, instead, it causes pain, and aches thinking over what you don't have, or what you could have gotten if you didn't fail, instead of thinking of how to manage what you have, instead of thinking of the way forward, or what of your next plan of action and implementing it as soon as possible because there's no excuse for failure. If you think that because you have failed once, you'd continue to fail, then remember that as a man thinker, so he is. Don't feel that because you have failed before you'd continue to be a failure, but instead, think of what next to do and put it into action.

At a particular point in life, everyone falls, where you're expecting it or not, whether you like it or not, the real question is "are you ready to fall? Are you falling back or falling forward?" these are the questions are what should be asked when you thinking to fall is not a big deal, or when you just want to sit back and think about things like this.

It's way better to fall forward than to fall back because if you fall back, you won't be able to see what you falling to, but if you fall forward, it's easier and better, because you'd have the strength to stand up and continue. How do you fall forward? To fall forward means you're already prepared, you can't fall forward if you haven't prepared, you can't fall forward to something you don't know or have no idea about. So to fall forward you must be prepared, alert, and ready.

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