• Fiona Njom

Fighting Sexual Harassment

The Girl Child is fragile so they say, then they act brutal towards her.

You want something from her but you can't respect her decision if she doesn't want to give it to you... You take it by force.

She wears this you complain, she goes there you complain, she walks this way you talk.

Is she not human too? Can't she feel free in her world too?

You touch her where she doesn't approve, she says NO you feel she says Yes... You want to take it by force... NO

Young girls and women are silently nursing their pain from harassment and abuse, why? Because they are scared... They are scared they won't be heard, no one will believe them, no one to stand up for them, they will be blamed for it all the time...

How long will this last? Not anymore

A girl is strong not feeble, we are bold not cowards.

Do not try to ride on our strength, we are stronger than you think...

Through our journey as girl advocates we got the courage and learnt the right ways to help girls fight for their rights and help maintain the pride of girls.

A girl's voice must be heard... No more silence




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