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A Poem by Oluchi Esther (In commemoration of International Day of Education)

She is tenderly modeled, perfectly modeled, wet and glistening like a pearl in an oyster

She is a magic of the creator created within a mother's womb.

God's gift to the world - The Girl child

The magic is gone the day she is born

The lives of innocent girls have been shattered

Mighty dreams have been thwarted

Oh girl child

How unlucky you are

All bad winds blow on you

Look, the eagles make you their prey

You are a slave to every man

My sister is a commodity of trade

Only reaching to the third grade

Oh girl child

You are forced into marriage

Even if you are can month old

Men can't spare you for defilement

You are denied education

Now your heads and think oh our people

For by her

Our fathers say a daughter is good because we marry her off and get a crate of beer

Our mothers say a daughter is good, the bridegroom will surely but us presents

Our brothers happily say we will get cows from our in laws

And we the daughters queries

Are we cows to be sold?

I say I don't want a husband

Mother, father give me education

The key to life

The light of our life


A path to divine success

A smooth drive to greatness


A fundamental foundation

For any country , state or nation

Why don't you educate me

I am not just born to make coffee and tea

Education should be given to all girls

Whether she lives in a rural or an urban areas

Educating a girl is educating a nation

Misery will surely be a thing of the past and goodness will spread like a good aroma .

A woman that has much education will teach her children motivation

Educating a girl child means changing the world

The adolescent girls has power

Power to change a world of violence to a world of peace

A world safe for all

A world where adolescent girls are safe

Safe enough to realize her dreams

I am the change of a world quality education

Education is our right

For in it our future is bright

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