• Angel Isioma


Written by Okolie Angel Isioma - a girl child advocate.

From the very first day the program started, with the five days intensive training from 16th December - 20th December 2019. I could say I learnt a whole lot of new things.

First and foremost, that was the first time I stayed away from my family for such period of time. I was able to make new friends, learn how to relate and work with members of my group, understanding other people's emotions and also how to keep fit which I applied in my every day routine.

Going into the world as a girl child advocate, I knew that I had to put in all what I learnt at the one week training into action. With the help of my internet enabled phone, I created a group on Facebook named 'Girls Speak' in order for me to understand the minds of adolescent girls and what they experience each day. It is 9 months old now and has 1.8 thousand members and more still requesting.

As the writer and editor of my group, I write and post to my personal wall on Facebook, GVI LAGOS Facebook blog, my group and to the Wix blog of GVI and this act has become a part of me that I post often and sometimes occasionally.

On the 20th February 2020, I was among the 10 girls selected to attend the Social Media Week program that was held in Lagos. Attending that program really gave me an insight on how to take my advocacy work to the next level. I learnt ways of engaging people in a conversation on a particular topic, learning to impact in other people, writing a report of an event, importance of writing, how to carry your audience and followers along on any social media platforms or an event, how to boost my Instagram account and many more.

After the 3 days program, I decided to put in all I learnt into practice and I am enjoying the outcome. Carrying my studies and advocacy work together was a really hard nut for me to crack but I was still able to make it to every call and appointment made and my studies were never affected by it at all. All glory be to GOD.

I have also learnt to put my emotional state of mind in check when I am in the presence of people and these has helped me a long way both in my advocacy and my life in general. I have improved a great deal in my writing, communication techniques, teaching abilities and other thing to mention but few.

In conclusion, I want to say a very big THANK YOU to GOD for making it possible for me, to Rise up, Cummins, Action Health Incorporated for the support and sponsorship and to Girls Voices Initiative for guiding us to the path and the rough roads. Finally to our supervisor, Mrs Bukoye thank you for acting as a mother, sister, friend and mentor. Thank you also Mr Ibrahim Olawale Gbenusola for this great opportunity.

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