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Written by - Aboderin Adeola, Girl Advocate.

I'm still trying to place my mind on why it has become a social taboo for a female child to lead in her society and also stand tall with shoulders high without any opposition from the opposite sex.

So many people tend not to distinguish properly between PROFESSIONALISM and LEADERSHIP. With shoulders high, I can say gender is not a factor for effective leadership!!! Do men make better leaders than women? Or do women make better leaders than men? I honestly think the question itself is flawed.

Leadership skills doesn't really have to do with one's gender. However,i do know that; the capability,ability and the right attitude does affects one's leadership role. More than 70 nations worldwide have seen a woman lead their government in the modern era .

Some have been elected, some appointed, some served for a relatively brief term while others have left an enduring legacy behind them where they have climbed the Kilimanjaro, trekked through the Sahara and swam across the Nile. Their good names were permanently engraved in gold on the esteemed plague of great icons. Everyone knows that women can rise to the top through their efforts .Professionalism and the special qualities of a female leader breaks gender stereotypes about a woman's inability to manage effectively.

There is also a high number of women, who for various reasons, have not revealed their leadership skills. After all, this process requires continuous improvement ,generating new idea knowledge and skills.

It's a thing of discomfort that most people in this civilized era tends to place more importance on the male counterparts which I stand to be corrected. Nobody is being biased here but let's all endeavour to close the gender gap by harnessing our full potential towards dismantling all form of gender barriers or imbalance It's a timer to:

CHALLENGE gender norm,

EMPOWER each other,

CELEBRATE diversities,

BREAK stereotypes,

And TAKE actions

Leadership is not just a lip service, it requires understanding,doing and demonstrating!!!!! Everyone is equipped to be a leader, whether born or trained regardless of gender, race,colour,etc.

Let's all therefore erase the notion that gender is a factor for effective leadership and embrace the lucid fact that we are not equal until everyone is equal. Forget all reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will!!!

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