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Written by~ Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict, Girl Advocate.

In our world today, we all know that inequality is one of the biggest problems we face because of so many reasons. Gender inequality is so common especially with women and girls, where they are not allowed to do exactly as they please or they are restricted from so many things in the society at large and the causes can be traced back to our norms and various value systems.

Inequality has various effect on people, it creates emotional problems, where girls feels less motivated to take up tasks and responsibilities, because they don't feel valued and this can also hinder productivity and even cause conflicts.

Realising women's rights is one of the ways to promote gender equality, because women and girls don't know their rights, so even if they are cheated they don't know that they are being cheated, if women and girls should put more effort when its comes to knowing their rights, they'd be able to stand up for themselves when they are being cheated. Giving values to women's work is also a good way to treat gender inequality against women and that is why the International Women's Day was founded by women to bring attention to gender parity and women's right, also to ceremonialize women's achievement in different spheres and that is the reason we have always emphasized upon giving the due respect to women in their lives. International Women's day is observed every year on 8th of March and it is observed around the world to celebrate the velour of women.

Women and girls in Nigeria traditionally have limited access to education, ownership of assets, in the world at large, women and girls are discriminated against at every level. Gender equality is not only a human rights issue, but it also concerns everyone of us because

It's essential for the achievement of a peaceful and prosperous country, so let us all join hands to stop gender inequality against women and girls.





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