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Written by- Ajibola Ayomide, Girl Advocate.

I want to tell you the story of Asabe

She was five years old and full of flair

It was her greatest despair

To end this life with fear

She knew her day will come anyway

To her it was no pain no gain

She never wanted to be bothered

So she looked up and smiled

The village people seemed happy

As she approached the village circumcist

She was the despicable vagina botanist

She said "mama how could you trust her with me?"

She was a five-year-old in a slaughter house

They cut it down to curb her sexual desires

A girl with mutilated what? Vagina!!!

It was her body, her vagina

She grew up with the pain

Not for once did they part ways

She tried seeking for something to end it

But it all proved abortive

People still haunted her

They told her life doesn't belong to her

There is nothing painful.

Than becoming a victim

She guessed they never cared about her feeling

Nor would they sympathize knowing the reason

Inside her was a tremendous downcast

She was lost in a painful past

She will never wish this pain for her worst enemy

Even her won't want this for me

She would never forget that bloody scream

And her remains left to dry out like raw meat

She said" mama why do i have to be tortured for the right of passage and a cultural linkage?

Who would have thought that our malicious ancestor nature would have ripped my childhood away?

I am a girl child limited to live love and be free

How many has gone through this before me?

Now am traumatized for life

My unforgiving stripes taking away my womanly rights

I want to venture an opinion

Every little girl living in this swine of a culture

Going through pain because of ancestral decisions

Now is not the time to be trampled on

But girls don't be lured!!!

Say no to Female Genital Mutilation

So we have a free generation


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