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International Literacy Day 2020: Every year International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8 September globally to raise awareness and remind people of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.

The theme for this year’s International Literacy Day with a little twist considering my status as a Girl Leader Advocate is what I’d like to rephrase as “ Literacy Teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond for the Girl Child . “

According to UNICEF about 10.5 million Nigerian children aged 5-14 are not in school . Despite the fact that Section 15 of the Nigerian children Act 2003 provides that child has right to free and quality education , it is therefore safe and right to conclude that this is an infringement on the right of the children especially the girl child and also to their human right .

Many Girl children in the country receive little to no classroom education due to traditional , social and personal beliefs that they supposedly have no control over .

Hopefully , in the course of the coming months ; Post- Covid-19 , girl advocates around Nigeria will rise up and see the need to educate the girl child to ensure a brighter future for the girl child population and the whole world at large .For the saying goes “ If you educate a girl , you educate a nation”.

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