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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: Achieving Generation Equality

Written by Onuja Chisom

We live in a world where men has more values than women. In a world where a woman is supposed to work hard and the male are to be praised for not lifting a pin 😒😰

As a child , while growing up I was meant to understand that the male children are very important in the family, and also have more rights. A family where there's no male child is said to be a " dead generation ". In this part of the world , culture and traditions have taken over to the extent, we could no longer understand what is clearly written in the Bible "both male and female are the same in God's eye"

I am not saying that a man shouldn't be respected. No!! I'm only saying that women should be given opportunities to SPEAK , and not be let down because they are assumed to be weaker vessels.

Like they say, it is a Man's world! A man cheats , wow!! he is a genius😧 .. A woman cheats , she's a prostitute. A man marries more than one wife , he's a king , a woman remarries after 5 years of being a widow ...or remarries after two years of divorce, she's said to be cheap and has no self respect😒😒


As we celebrate the International Women's Day, I want to call on all gender; to step up and in one voice speak against this social vice called " Gender inequality " . Let's all try and give the girl child an opportunity to be themselves.

Remember " I am Generation Equality"

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