• Ajibola Ayomide


Written by~ Aboderin Adeola Oluwaseyi, Girl Advocate.

I would like to share my experience so far on how Girls Voices Initiative has helped to mould me into a better person than before

It's such a great privilege to be among the 60 girls selected for this programme and I want to express my profound gratitude to the organizations who are solidly behind the capacity building of girl's child and how they were able to make our voices heard.

Personally, I have been impacted by several morals of life that I don't even know beforehand

During this programme, I was able to meet the new calibre of people, people that are vision-driven and are aiming towards achieving a certain objective and goal.

I could remember vividly, the old me that doesn't like to work in the group cause I feel being independent saves you from unnecessary issues but GVI changed my perspective into believing that teamwork creates a great and massive level of productivity and a high rate at which solutions are being proffered to some challenges.

A lot of ideas, beliefs, opinion, views and area of perspectives from several girls have met during the programme has helped to broaden my understanding and also shed more light to some issues that ordinarily, I don't know how to go about it.

My leadership qualities became clearly defined during my advocacy and I realized how important it was to create a change in my society

My experience was beyond my expectations... Honestly

I was moulded

I was Impacted

I was Reshaped

I was Furnished

I was Renewed&

I was Enlightened.

Such a great opportunity isn't easy to come by these days so I was gladdened to be a part of it all from day 001.

This is not the end the world will hear of me cause the programme has taught me to strive to win and make my voice heard both locally and internationally

I'm not relenting until a change is created, I'll start the change and also endeavour it circulates the best way I can...God's willing!!!

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