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Written by Oladiran Ayooluwa

Right now the world is in chaos , the COVID'19 ( Coronavirus) has made a lot of countries to be in lockdown and people in self isolation. Now the Nigerian Government is deliberating putting the country in lockdown. As much as this has benefits to the country in aspect of reducing the risk of the spread of the virus what does this say on the risk that the girl child is to face ?. What risks ? You may ask . But then looking at this issue beyond the surface we will realise that the girl child is being exposed to a lot of things during this proposed lockdown.

Think of the girls that do not stay with their parents , they stay with guardians, uncles and aunts . This period where everyone is home and idle , if these 'Uncles' turn to their wife's to fulfil their sexual drives and their wifes turn them away , who will they turn to ? The girl child who is in her own world with no worries will now be at the receiving end .

Girls that come from homes where the girl child is seen as less human than the boy child

As much as this action against to COVID'19 is beneficial to the society does that warrant putting the girl child at risk ?



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