• Brie

My Disastrous First Relationship

We'll call this one, "Storytime of my first experience in a relationship". I'll say this was a necessary experience for me and it also served as a sound warning for my future behavior. I entered my first relationship in SS1, as I write I am currently in SS3. When I enrolled into Bambi Senior Secondary School, I was really happy because I felt I had acquired a new degree of freedom. "I was finally free to be able to explore all sorts of things as a grown up", including having a boyfriend.

At that time, there was a particular girl in my class, she was a repeater but she was very popular especially among the boys. She would bring a lot of contraband items to school. Things like cosmetics(makeup), shoes and extra dresses. After school hours she would go for parties, she seemed to live a very interesting life and she didn't care about her grades. She became even more popular when she started dating a guy in school. Everyone admired their relationship because they looked like they were really in love. After some time, I too became envious of her relationship and began to want a boyfriend too.

For the whole first term of my SS1 I dreamt about having a boyfriend just like that girl and by the time we resumed after our first term holiday, one of my classmates called Chibuzor stepped up to me and told me he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. I was so excited about being asked-out for the first time, I didn't think twice about saying YES! As the relationship started though, I started losing focus in class, and the deeper I got into the relationship the more distracted I became. While we were in class, we would be too busy looking at each other and passing notes and after school, we would stay behind to spend more time with each other.

By the end of our second term, my results were very poor and my parents found out that my lateness in returning home wasn't because I was studying late at school but because of a boy. Everyone was very disappointed in me and I was so close to repeating my SS1. After a lot of counselling I finally admitted to myself that I wasn't ready to be in a relationship. It was really hard, especially when I found out that the boy I liked started dating someone else. To think that I almost repeated a class for a boy who saw me as easily replaceable.

I definitely learned my lesson, not to rush into a relationship because other people were doing it. There is time for everything and nothing is more important than my education. As I said in the beginning of my story, I am in SS3 now, I still don't have a boyfriend and I have promised to finish my secondary school with the best grades before engaging in any form of relationship. I hope this inspires someone to not let the fact that you're seeing other people in relationships pressure you into wanting something you're not ready for. I advice you to focus on what is important for now, there's plenty of time to be in a relationship later. (0_<)


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