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Is the world for all,

Are we born equal,

Were we all evoluted from homoeretus to homosapien.

Are we formed by the 46 chromosomes of a man and a woman,

Were we incubated in the womb of a woman,

I need to know.

Is the world wide enough to accommodate us,

Is there anything that make an individual different from another,

Are we all in His likeness and His image?

I need to know.

Do we all really have one head, two hands, two legs and five senses,

Are there some with two heads,four legs, ten senses etc

If we are all the same, as confirmed,

Why do we call some countries the World Leaders,

Decision makers, the mights, the law makers and those with powers.

Why is it that some are oppressed, suppressed and intimidated,

I need to know,

How come countries tussle for power,

to lead another.

Where as, a country is an entity of its own, Are Africans still under their colonial masters,

Why the nuclear armament,

What was the out come of G-20 World Leaders meeting at Japan in Intex Osaka on 28-29 June 2019.

I need to know,

Why should they agree on the rollout of 5G,

Knowing fully well that the effects are not pleasant,

My curiosity made me to realize,

That the effects of this 5G is a pandemic of its own.

Increased cancer risk, cellular stress,

Increase in harmful free radicals,

Genetic damages, learning and memory deficits,

Neurological disorders and negative impacts,

Structural and functional changes of the Reproductive system and the result is Death.

I need to know,

Why do we now term it that COVID 19 is as a result,

Of the Wuhan food market that sold exotic animals for human consumption.

While Wuhan and more citizens of China,

Have been consuming these food as their daily meal before now,

I need to know.

How many people have your innovations send to their early grave,

All because of power of who leads the world economy.

Where are the world scientists,

Where are the world experts

The Bible says;

"Is there no medicine in Gilead?

Are there no doctors there?

Why are my people not been healed"? (Jeremiah 8:22)

I ask the same question,

My World Leaders,

Where are the great scientists?

Where are the World Health Organization directors ?

The COVID 19 has no vaccine?

Yet you have forseen and predicted that pandemic will end in June 2021.

I need to know,

Why is it that this COVID 19 has not killed any of the World Leaders,

Rather once they are tested positive, they recover and discharge,

How many death have you recorded so far, Al Jazeera recorded 60,000 on 5th of April 2020 globally.

Do you really think of the climate change this could cause,

Do you know that we don't have planet B, that this is our only planet,

Are you really putting the leaders of tomorrow into consideration.

I need to know.

Is it not you my scientists that taught me in school,

That any change in climate could

affect the land and its inhabitants,

Am sorry if I may sound disrespectful,

These are words of a frustrated SS 2 student.

Who has spent 6 weeks at home, Schools short down, Churches closed,

Stay at home am expected to obey, no food, no electricity, no water.

E_learning online is not affordable,

I am just idle,

Well, my idleness has prompted my curiosity.

I need to know,

Why you chose to improve the speed of technology,

Which will accumulate much data and risk the life of humanity

Even your lives are at stake,

If only you tell me that you have a secret vaccine protecting you and your families

My World Leaders,

Say No to Social Inequality.

@ Angel Okolie.

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