• Ajibola Ayomide


Written by~ Ajibola Ayomide, Girl Advocate.

Being a part of the Girls Voices Initiative programme is one of the best opportunities that I'd forever appreciate and remember. At first, it looked quite simple and very less tasking because I didn’t know the commitments, the strength, the confidence that comes with being a Girl Advocate.

I was trained by the best facilitators and it made my journey much easier. they had the best teaching skills, which made it so easy to understand and connect with the whole advocacy project.

During the training, I learned the importance of teamwork, getting out of one’s comfort zone, and seeing the best in people. Being a Girl Advocate on this programme is an opportunity that I’m so grateful for because it made me realize my strength and it also made me see the importance of passing on knowledge to other people. Plus, I realized that no matter the situation of things or people’s attitude towards you, activities planned must be carried out.

Moving on, choosing, and deciding what girl issue to advocate on was quite easy. For my group, we chose Menstrual Hygiene. we thought it was going to be very easy since it was a girl issue we could find everywhere. (at least that's what we thought). But it was a completely different case. As an issue that not every girl would be proud to say out and this brought to our very first challenge.

After the training, my group and decided to hold our research at schools in Lagos Island, 13 schools to be precise and we spoke to over 150 girls. Our very first challenge was not being able to get people to communicate with us. They were scared to open up.

Who knew that getting permission from Tutor General to go to schools to do research would be tasking, getting principals to support us and all.

We have been able to hold a meeting with our stakeholders and they have given us their full support us and word that they would work on what would make the girls feel healthier and help the girls practice better menstrual hygiene.

This programme has helped me boost my self-esteem and helped me affirm that there's a lot of impacts to be made in society. Watching other girls also grow from being in a shell to be able to communicate and carry out different activities and this has made me realize how much I love to see people grow and improve themselves. I also learned the importance of working with different people, giving feedback, documenting. The programme has made so stretched, I have been able to work with disappointments, move with what I have, and also how to work with the strength of others, "teamwork".

Words can’t justify the way I feel for being part of the programme and I am grateful to be one of the GIrls Advocates. Thanks to Action Health Incorporated, Rise Up and CUMMINS, your impact in my life would continue to blossom into greatness in the society and the world at large.

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