• Brie

My Very First Period

Let's call this, "Storytime about my first menstrual experience"

This happened shortly after my junior WAEC examinations. I had taken up learning a skill at a local skill acquisition center not too far from my house. While I was there I began to feel this weird sensation around my tummy region. I decided to leave early and went to the Mosque from there. While I was praying at the mosque, I kept feeling like I wanted o urinate and it was almost like I was already urinating little by little. So I went to the toilet and found the red stain of blood on my pant. I was so scared and confused at first. I thought I had lost my virginity, I was close to tears wondering what I could have done, cause I read in a book that there was a girl who was raped and afterwards was stained with her own blood. I immediately went to my teacher and told her I was having a headache, so I could go home. As soon as I got home, I explained to my mom what had happened and the first thing she told me was that I had to start avoiding boys, according to her, if I kept playing with boys, I was going to get pregnant.

At that moment I really didn't care, I was happy to know I was still a virgin and that I had gotten my first period finally, because all my other friends in school had already started menstruating. I then said to myself, "Aliyah, you are no longer a baby". I've continued to experience a lot of changes in my body but the best part is that its normal, and I'm not alone. I'm sharing my story so anyone who is yet to see her period would know that there's nothing wrong with not getting your period on time and to also know that there's nothing to worry about when you see blood for the first time, don't worry you're still a virgin (^_^).


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