• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Onoja Blessing, Girl Advocate.

It all started last year December with a one-week camped training on girls matter and advocacy training.

To me, that one week was the most important week for me. It not only made me realize girls' vulnerability, but it has helped me in a lot of ways. It has built my self-confidence and I have been able to express myself boldly and assertively.

Our advocacy started the following year, who could have imagined '' Me, a Girl Advocate''

Our advocacy was in Mende community, Maryland, and our advocacy, on Sexual Harassment. It was a great deal of experience, at first, they were reluctant to accept us, but when they saw ur determination, they gave way for our research. we realized that Sexual Harassment is really rampant in the community and the main deal started.

we sensitized and enlightened the girls and told them what to do in cases of assault. We went ahead to get the parents and decision-makers involved and they gave us their commitments that who so ever is caught sexually harassing a girl will not go unpunished and that justice would be served.

As a Girl Advocate, I have drawn nearer to my community, I counsel people, I have improved on my public speaking and I have become a Voice To The Voiceless.

My advocacy has helped to be a better leader and now I'm closer too young girls. It has helped not to be judgemental.

I have been able to counsel young girls in on issues that are bothering them and the ones I don't have enough knowledge about, I refer them to people who can handle it better.

It has drawn me closer to my community and now they all see me as someone they can look up to.

All thanks and glory to God for the success of my advocacy, also to the Girls Voices Initiative, Cummins, and Action Health Incorporated.

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