• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Bikom Cecilia, Girl Advocate

It's such a pity, she didn't know the act was wrong

It didn't occur to her that such an act would have consequences

Ignorant of the trauma it would result in

Internal bleeding, emotional trauma, Crisco Vaginal Fistula, all these they knew nothing about

Who is she?

A girl of age 13-19 being given off for marriage

Girls with potentials, skills, intellectual ability; but didn't recognize

Girls who had the thrive for success but couldn't show it

All because of the so-called "EARLY CHILD MARRIAGE"

But guess what?

It's high time I stood up, you stood up and change her mindset about the former (early child marriage)

There are other valuables she can give to society, NOT THIS

Now that she has the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE

Thereby, making appropriate advocacy actions in ending it.

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