• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Kayaoja Zainab, Girl Advocate.

Action Health Incorporated is a non-government organization that promotes the health and development of young people in Nigeria. Rise Up affiliated with AHI to initiate a project named Girls Voices Initiative.

It started with an interview and sixty girls qualified for the programme and they were divided into six groups respectively.

Group 5, is on the mission to end Young Girls Being Married Off In Makoko And Engaged In Economic Activities Instead Of going to School. We went as a group to Makoko for research to know the reason why this is happening in the community. we asked the girls some questions and we found out that parents in the community have more children than they can afford than they can fend for. So when the children come of age or are even so young, they engage them in economic activities, they expose these children to many things and boys that can give what they can’t afford, the girls get attracted by this and they have this mentality that as long as he gives me money, I’d give him what he wants.

Who knew that meeting decision-makers and influencers could be very challenging, but we did and decided to hold an interactive dialogue with the girls and the decision-makers.

the meeting was quite fruitful and the decision-makers have agreed to work on the issue and see to it that there's a stop to it in the community.

I want to use this medium to say every big thank you to all that has contributed to the success of the programme. Thank you so much.

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