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Our 2020 Social Media Week Experience

The 2020 Social Media Week (SMW) Lagos with the theme "HUMAN.X" was a place to be. The event which held from February 24-28, was focused on driving conversations on what it means to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to innovation across industries and in the communities.

As Girl Leaders, we attended the SMW Lagos 2020 to learn and understand how to put girls and the local communities at the forefront as advocates while leveraging on media and technology.

Lets share our experience with you!!!

Victoria Benedict #SMWLagos2020

My experience at the Social Media Week 2020 was very beautiful. At one of the session ‘’ The future we want’’, we discussed about bringing social media into what we do, how we can use google without stealing its shine and also many benefits that people just waste.

Do you know that you can actually reach out to lots of people via writing stories, and touch the heart of millions and change the mindset of people? I learnt this at the social media week and combined with my knowledge about google, it would all just be fantastic.

I also learnt about the use of Instagram, how to get more followers, as Instagram is ranked the third most used social media platform, and I have the potential to reach more than a billion of active users monthly. Your story must be unique, it must be authentic and consistency also matters if you want people to be attracted to your story, quality matters and not quantity also collaborating with brands and brand influencers. The use of hashtags is also helpful and Hashtags should be precise because the more the better.

I also learnt that storytelling as well as the power of teamwork can help you reach your target audience with your advocacy message.

With all the knowledge gained and combined, I’ll be able to reach out to a whole lot of people concerning my advocacy on girls’ issues.

Maryann Godwin #SMWLagos2020

The social media week Lagos was a week-long programme that provided the ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and business understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world.

From the sessions I attended, I had lot of experience and learnt a lot. I met new people who were doing amazing things. I met a guy who's advocating that ladies should have access to free menstrual pads. Furthermore, my learning experience was entertaining and educative.

For instance:

  • I got to know of how Google was created, their aim and importance.

  • I got an idea of how YouTube can be monetize.

  • I learnt about how to be a good writer of stories or poems even when I get stuck up in that story.

I got to know of an app, wattpad; whereby you share your unique stories and also get feedbacks/ comments on these stories, thereby creating a friendly environment with different people, and this can improve one’s talent in writing stories or poems.

I also learnt new things on Instagram, how it operates, things to look out for before posting or uploading materials, and how you can operate a successful account. Finally, I was educated on how to advocate on girl issues, as I learnt that the best way to advocate for girls is to amplify their voice, encourage them to speak up for their rights and make their stories known through the media.

This event was an opportunity for me to improve more on my advocacy skills and also try my hands on new things.

Sabdat Nasir #SMWLagos2020

I was opportune to attend the Social Media Week after been selected among the top ten (10) girls with high social media engagement following a competition among the GVI girl leaders. The #SMW2020 was informative, interactive and fun.

I learnt about different sexual and reproductive health digital platforms for young people. These platforms/apps include: Dima, Firstly, Linkup and Youth pulse are places where young people can download information about their sexual and reproductive health. These apps are available on google play store and they can send their questions on reproductive sexual health anonymously.

In addition, there was a session where I learnt about a site "''. This is a site whereby writers post their incomplete or complete stories and they get comment from the audiences.

Furthermore, I learnt that when telling a story, the story must be unique and authentic, because the audiences will be disappointed when they find out that the story is not genuine. When posting a story on Instagram, you need to add location, make use of hashtags and emojis and most importantly ask your audience's questions, by doing these you can interact and know your audience’s thoughts about the story you posted. Also, if you start posting stories on Instagram, you have to be consistent so that you won't lose your audience.

Also, I learnt that letting a girl have a voice or empowering girls is the best thing that can ever happen to a country, because girls are smart and intelligent and by empowering them, they can contribute to governance or economy. When speaking for a girl child, you have to create a platform for them to also speak, because there are some stories that are best shared by the girls themselves. No one can limit the power of a girl/woman and no one can make a girl/woman feel inferior. Storytelling helps you capture the attention of your audience.

Also, I learnt that storytelling has been one of the numerous sources of inspiration to mankind as African stories always come with moral lessons and these moral lessons help to nurture the young Africans to become responsible citizens.

In conclusion, I learnt that BBC News has been encouraging African women to tell their stories to the world, because there is uniqueness in African women stories.

Esther Peter #SMWLagos2020

The #SMWLagos2020 was enthralling! In one of the session I attended, I learnt about the measurable ways on how to challenge cultural bias


The first thing that should be on your mind is; understanding the reason behind cultural bias. Also, you need to backup your argument with scientific facts on what has changed.

Also, I learnt the importance of storytelling as it is a fantastic tool for teaching, orientation, creating change and development. It is important that you use facts and tell your story in a way that you want your audience to remember your story. Originality is key in storytelling and the issues faced by girls can be narrated through various medium to create change.

The three specialized PIC in storytelling

1) the P_ purpose of the story

2) the I_ the important of the story

3)the C_the change that you want

Angel Okolie #SMWLagos2020

My experience at the social media week Lagos was a very exciting and an educative one. I learnt so many things which I could actually use in my advocacy work.

In the session: “the future we want”, the speaker spoke about the youth and how we should be working towards the future we want. According to the speaker, everyone doesn't have to rely on the government to make things right but can make things right by working in their respective communities and create the change they want.

From the “Digital Writing” session, I learnt about various platforms where I can write stories and share on social media. This will be helpful in my advocacy as I will not only be writing and posting articles on social media about what I am advocating for, but I can actually put them into exclusive writing that captures the minds of the readers.

During the Storytelling for Instagram in Africa session, I discovered how to make use of Instagram in a more effective way to get followers as well as make my page interesting. Also, at the storytellers’ session; I was able to understand that Storytelling is a unique tool in describing issues and calling for change. Also, women and girls’ voices can tell their stories to the world and for to the world to hear their voice to change the status quo. Also, there are really great and unimaginable things that women are doing underground and everyone should be aware of these great things that are been done.

For me, I have never heard of the social media week event before and I was extremely delighted when I heard that I was among selected girls that will attend the event. What I have learnt, I will use it in my advocacy campaign, my life and my community.

Ibukunoluwa Adejimi #SMWLagos2020

For me, the 2020 social media week was educative, informative, and entertaining. The first session gave me the opportunity to know more about google which is an advertising company. It helps to build more helpful information; as well as organize information by making it universally accessible. It is also a platform where you can advertise your goods and write more and can earn you sponsors or partner to work with.

I was also able to know more about some apps Diva, Frisky, Linkup in which young people have access to communicate with trained personnel about their sexual and reproductive health life and any young adolescent who doesn’t have access to an android phone can send their questions via text messages.

Digital writing also gives me the chance to connect with more people in the community, it improves my work as a writer in advertising and also gives me the ability to determine my own kind of language and the language I want to use for my respondent.

Furthermore, I was able to learn how to use Instagram for storytelling, which is me trying to add value to my followers, making my content real and not forcing my audience but I should always learn to be myself. I also learnt on how to gain followers.

Moreover, I was able to learn more about telling inclusive stories and why it is important which is being able to know the purpose why I want to write my story, knowing my key message, my call to action, the kind of style and tone I want to use as my characters, how I want my story to get to my audience and what I want to happen in my story, this alone has boosted my knowledge and way of thinking.

I also learnt on how to amplify my voice and to always make my respondent comfortable and convenient around me whenever am going for an advocacy research in a community so they can have the chance to speak about any issue faced in their different community.

I also learnt to always turn up my volume as a girl advocate and I should never be a victim of silence.

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