• Fiona Njom

Our Advocacy Project: Fighting Sexual Harassment

After the advocacy training my team went out to Mende community to begin our advocacy project on Sexual harassment.

Following all the steps and guidelines on carrying out our project, we began with researchs and findings on the issue in the community. It was not an easy one getting into from girls especially those who don't like to talk about this type of issues but we were able to do so. We spoke to both girls, parents and even some influential people in the community.

We got informations that we're useful to help us carry out our advocacy. Informations like how incidents like that were handled before, age gap of girls affected and even places girls could not go to on their own. Then we held our first dialogue meeting in the community which was not really easy, some of the stakeholders couldn't show up for it but we did it and we were able to get more informations and interest from the community on our project.

The Corona Virus pandemic put a lot of restraint to our project and made us to reduce some of our activities. Nonetheless, we still found a way through it. We had to adjust our selves and look for easy and possible means to achieve our goal.

Another dialogue meeting was helded in the community where the stakeholders that will help influence the achievement of our project were present. It was a good a experience. And we got a very good commitment from the stakeholders.

Communication was not really a problem for us, so communicating with the traditional rulers was easy and we got there full support to help put a stop to this issue of sexual harassment.

After all our discussions and meetings, the stakeholders assured us that they will see that girls on the community won't find it difficult in the community and the issues will be handled well.

We also had a conversation with the girls educating them on their rights and more on sexual harassment and also shared the committment given by the community leaders. We also introduced some parents and adults who they can meet for help in case of any issues.

We are proud to announce that our advocacy journey was a success and we were able to get our work done to ensure CHANGE in Mende Community.


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