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Written by Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict, Girl Advocate.

Power, power is the ability to act, dominate, to exercise strength or authority, to have influence over others. Power in other world today is something that people exercise over others without their knowledge or permission.

As young girls and women, we are often seen as victims because of our gender, she's a girl, she can't do it, or because of our color, style, way of life, or because they feel that we are created to be weaker, or to contribute less or not at all and so many other reasons and because we have been victims, we tend to practice what is called power under.

According to Srilatha Batliwala's book, "All About Power", Power under is a powerless rage, pulling other down,always afraid that if i don't dominate, i will be dominated, afraid of being controlled. It is being dominant and oppressive. Power under is a common way women express power because, we have been victims of one discrimination or another before, so when they gain that power, we want to dominate because, we are afraid of loosing that power we have gained and show that we can also do it.

Power within is an expression of power that has to do due with your self-knowledge, self-worth, the ability to have hope and recognize individual differences while respecting others. It allows you to exceed what most people believe are human limitations, it makes you stand for your rights, when you are being discriminated, when nobody is ready to take up responsibility and do the right thing, it makes be assertive, this is want i want and what i don't want without stepping on people's toes.

Everyone has their power within, but it depends on whether we have identified it or not, it depends on how we wake use of it, because it's a different thing to have something and not discover that he/she has it, it's another case if some has something that he/she has discovered and not make use of it. then a completely different cases if one has something he/she has discovered and is making the best use of it.

As women and girls,it is important that we build our power within and show it to the world out there,instead of expressing and showing the world the power under we possess, letting them know that women can be better when it comes to handling powerful positions.


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