• Fiona Njom

#Rape_violence_victims_justice: Safety for girls.

It is painful how a lot of issues have been overlooked during this pandemic. Yes, it is important to find a solution to this problem and keep people safe, nevertheless, some issues are not to be neglected especially issues concerning women and girls.

The rate of RAPE and VIOLENCE is increasing everyday, which makes women and girls not feel safe. The force, violence, torture should stop.

To the man, it is one minute of pleasure "forced pleasure" but to the woman or girl, she bears the scars for life. When this happen, the girl is blamed for it, she is the victim of the outcome. The man or the boy won't be blamed for his lack of self control. Why will a man want to force his way in between the legs of a woman? It is disgusting.

JUSTICE should be given fairly for those in this situation, this issues should not be overlooked. JUSTICE, ensures safety for every woman and girl.

Looking at the outcome of Uwa who was raped, beaten and eventually died. There are a lot of evidence left at the scene of the incident to be able to catch the culprit and seek JUSTICE for her but will JUSTICE be served?

SAFETY of women and girls should always be put in consideration.

Don't always blame the girl, teaching the boys they have NO RIGHT to a woman's body sounds better.

RAPE and VIOLENCE is old fashioned.... It must STOP.

#I_stand_for_justice 💪

#Justice_for_girls 💪💪

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