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Reproductive Health Goals for the New Year

There's honestly no better time to start forming good habits than at the beginning of the year, I wish I put this up in January but February is still in the perfect range to start an early habit. One very important but widely underrated issue that affects us ladies and women alike is our reproductive health. Reproductive health refers to the condition of male and female reproductive systems during life stages. Ovaries in females and Testicles in males are reproductive organs that maintain health of their respective systems. They also function as glands because they produce and release hormones. However, a lot of disorders can be formed in these reproductive systems.

For women these are some of the common reproductive disorders;

  1. Early or delayed puberty

  2. Endometriosis

  3. Infertility or reduced fertility (difficulty getting pregnant)

  4. Menstrual problems including heavy or irregular bleeding

There are ways to keep your reproductive system healthy, they include;

  1. Consistently try to eat a balanced diet that is low in fat and high in fiber. (such as golden morn, oats, cereal, boiled potatoes etc.)

  2. Drink plenty of water everyday. (Before meals. in between meals, after meals, before bed and first thing in the morning).

  3. Get enough sleep. Easy right? You really just have to keep up with the most basic good habits.

  4. Lastly, Avoid using Tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

Other health measures to be taken include, keeping your genitals clean is also very important. A daily shower or bath is all it takes. You should also avoid behaviours that can put you at risk. Do not get in contact with another person's blood or bodily fluid. An example id the use of condoms during sex or total abstinence from sexual activities.

Girl's should also get in the habit of doing a a monthly self-exam to check for breast cancer. Although breast cancer is rare in teens, its a good idea to start doing the exam when you're young, it will help you to know what is a normal feeling in your breasts on time.

In conclusion, reproductive health of every lady is very delicate and very important, lack of attention of attention given to it can lead to severe health risks, however taking care of our reproductive health is quite easy and simple to adhere to so long as it is handled consistently and on time.

Below is a check list you can save to keep as a reminder of your reproductive goals for the year.

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