• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict, Girls Advocate.

The rate at which sexual violence has increased is very alarming. Factors arising from restricted movement and social isolation measures, coupled with pre-existing toxic social norms and gender inequality.

Sexual violence/abuse is a public health issue and a human right violation. It is any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by violence or coercion, acts to traffic a person or acts directed against a person's sexuality, regardless of the relationship to the victim.

sexual abuse is induced by different factors, the vulnerability of a girl child to sexual violence. If a girl is vulnerable, it is most likely that she will be abused either, physically, sexually, emotionally, and so on, the kind of environment we stay, little education, parent inadequate supervision.

The effects of sexual violence are similar to that of psychological violence, the survivors are left with long and short term effects, some don't end up having a successful transmission into adulthood, some become sex addicts, some become very violent to the opposite sex and some even end up having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Which is the failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.

Empowering girls and giving survival new opportunities can be a very good way to reduce sexual violence, survivals should learn the mental ability to recover from depression. As parents, listen and trust your children, tutor them on sexuality education, talking to your children about sex doesn't encourage them to engage in sexual activities. Help them build their self-esteem, coach your boys into men, letting them know that her consent matters.

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