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Speaking Out for Girls: Ruth Egbedi

A very big thank you to Action Health Incorporated and GVI Lagos for the opportunity given to us.

I have always longed for the opportunity to make impact.

I learnt a lot, talking about Communication skills, team work,how to make researches, using my voice to create change and a lot more. Working with my team members was awesome, as it was great having people of likeminds and it was easier achieving the goal.

After the COVID-19 lockdown, I started a monthly meeting in June 2020 with young girls between the ages of 8-13 years in my community to talk to them about their rights, speaking out when abused or harassed and life skills. I taught them about their bodies, where to make reports, things to avoid and lot more. Many girls now confides in me and we have had four meeting so far with the attendance of 10-15 persons per meeting.

Thank you so much for making me a role model. ~ Egbedi Ruth

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