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Written by~ Olawunmi Olusegun, Girl Advocate.

The best way to keep horrible acts a secret is to convince the world that they are simply history.

The humans guilty of human trafficking are of different bred but one day we girls shall break free

Girls are future of of every nation

A handle of warmth

A heart full of love

So girls need to be protected from human trafficking

Girls should be protected from such acts

Girls are rare Unlike a bear

Girls are like fire Like the excitement of getting hired

Appreciate girls like when you first stood

Girls should not be trafficked but be loved

Girls should not be trafficked but be hired

Girls should not be trafficked but be pampered

Because without women and girls, the nation is incomplete.

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Written by Ifeanyi Favour Chinecherem - a girl child advocate Girls Voices Initiative(GVI)...has enlighten me positively in my life, in a way of showing me courage, creativity in photography ,friends,

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