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As a child,

I have always wanted a better education,

The type with proven ability to that of my western counterparts,

Bringing out the best in me,

And developing it without error.

Advancing in life,

Guess what I found,

Barriers! Yes, barriers,

But this time, stronger than what cause my elites to fall,

I now realise what led to their fall.

I asked myself:"Why?

Does it mean they did not see it coming,

Why should they allow it to happen,"

The answer I got was this,

"Yes, they saw it coming.

But rather they chose compromise,

Sentiment, nepotism and self gratification,"

Then I asked:

"Shall I fall?"

After all that was the exact place.

A voice answered,

An unfamiliar one of course,

"Fall! Fall!! Fall!!!"

That's exactly where they fell.

Suddenly there was a gravity,

I started staggering,

Almost to the ground,

I struggled to find fame.

There comes a little strength,

Whispered;"No! No!! No!!!

That my elites fell fifty nine years ago,

Doesn't mean I too will fall,

That am still on the ground,

Doesn't mean that I will not rise again".

A pull of irresistance,

Like hereditary force,

Held me to strangle,

"That's what killed the father,"

They said:

Yes, they knew it,

Because, they taught it at school,

That what killed the father,

Must as well kill the child.

I answered;'No',

Because I am unique,

My optimistic rules,

I look beyond.

Seeing those things that were,

As they were not,

I stand boldly,

A hero and a conqueror.


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