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The journey so far (1)

Our girl leader , Adelaja Boluwatife shares her experience with girls voice initiative and how it has also helped her to help others. Here's what she has

to say ;

Hi , I'm Adelaja Boluwatife Ojuolape.

Girls Voices Initiative has impacted positively in my life, family and community as a whole.

During the five days training, I was enlightened on attributes of a girl leader,qualities and attributes of a good leader. I learnt basic rights of a girl child which I wasn't aware of until the day we were taught. I learnt how to be an advocate, finding solutions to girls issues around me, respecting people's value(values clarification), steps involve in advocacy;power mapping, target audience and development of message for decision makers.

Moreso, I learnt communication skills;the 5C's(clear, connect, concise, compelling and continual). I learnt ways of identifying one's target,goal and allies. Also how to have an efficient advocacy by implementing, monitoring and evaluate ones advocacy. I learnt how to use social media in creating change in our society through photography (pictures).

Also after the training, have been able to teach other girls in my school, community, church and my family members the basic rights of an individual, especially as a girl child. I made them understand ways they can use in creating change within their environment and how to be assertive not aggressive. I explained to them steps and qualities in becoming a girl leader; being bold, assertive and outspoken.

Furthermore,I created awareness to the students in their midst about the policy which was implemented by the former governor of Lagos State,which is;Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, whereas most of them are not aware of the policy. I made know that the policy is to guard students against any form of violence or abuse , mostly in the aspect of sexual violence or abuse and the policy ensures the students confidentiality when cases are reported to the school authority.

Thanks Girls Voices Initiative

Thanks Rise up

Thanks Cummings women empowerment forum

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Written by Ifeanyi Favour Chinecherem - a girl child advocate Girls Voices Initiative(GVI)...has enlighten me positively in my life, in a way of showing me courage, creativity in photography ,friends,

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