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The journey so far (3)

MY EXPERIENCE AT AHI SINCE WE STARTED THE ADVOCACY:1.) I have come to know that one must work hard & have the right attitude to succeed 2.) I have been able to speak to young girls about advocacy, its all thanks to GVI. 3.)from being a shy person, I was bred into a bold & brave girl leader.

4.) before the beginning of the advocacy, I did not know what the Lagos state child protection policy was, but now I can even educate others about it. 5.)GVI also increased my level of productivity. 6.) they showed me how good it is to work with other girls leaders as a team. 7.) At the beginning of this programme, I noticed that my academic performance also increased. 8.)Before this programme, I was bred to think that change was made for government officials to make but after the one week camp training, I've come to the realization that I myself can create a positive change if I am willing to do so. 9.)through this advocacy,i have been able to see leadership skills within me & it is my duty as a girl leader to use them in creating a positive change. 10.) Even though sometimes I feel like just giving up, its all thanks to AHI, GVI, Rise & Cummins and all their good works that our advocacy is a success.~Apkabia Favour (Girl Leader)

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