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The journey so far (4)

Written by Ayo Oladiran

Girls voices initiative has helped me in more ways than I can count and beyond the whole teaching me to be a good leader and how to work with a team , the experience from the exposure I got through GVI has helped me to see things through another eye and it had also helped me in putting out a great poetic piece;


It is my body and I have a right

To decide if I want it or not

Why then do you still bite ,

When I choose the 'NO' slot ?

Would my voice ever be heard?

Will my will ever count ?

If ever recount my stories

Would there be one where my choice is not interred ?

Listen to my words

Hear my cries

Would you ignore like you've always done

Or to them would you comply?

Yes , everytime we call for a change

To you it still sounds strange

No, you will not for my sake fight

Till the day you will be made to walk my path.

(Extract from The End an extended readlist eBook by Ayo Oladiran)

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