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The New Generation Equality #IWD2020

Written by Nasiru Sabdat, Girl Leader

March 8 is a day set aside globally to celebrate the economic,social and political achievements of women.

Over the years, discrimination has become a prominent phenomenon in the society,especially gender discrimination. Women are discriminated because they are regarded as weaker beings and this can be traced to the archaic cultures and traditions of some tribes.

Before attaching any stereotype attribute to a woman,you need to recognize first that the person is a "human" and there are certain rights, human beings are entitled to and this is stipulated in the constitution of any country.

Women are supposed to be celebrated, appreciated and celebrated. Many women are the backbone of the family and the support system in the society.

Can you imagine a world without a woman?

Educating and empowering women is very essential because the will make positive contributions to the country as well as improve the economy

In my generation today, women are becoming great and they are rising up against gender discrimination. Women no longer keep mute about matters that affect them ,women are starting to speak up. "Never underrate the power of a woman"



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