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Who is that girl?

The street guys ramble,

An epitome of beauty,

An early morning flower,

That blossoms in the dew, in the garden of King Solomon.

A glance at it,

Attracts one's attention,

Draw closer to the fragrance of her hair,

A Negro that sparkles like the stars in the sky.

Her eyes are like dark spots in a blue ocean,

Her nose, pointed like a beak of a bird,

Who is that girl?

They verify.

When she smiles,

The dimples of her cheeks and the gap in between her white sparkle teeth,

That leads to the alveolar region,

Describes her innocence.

Step to her chest, are the two pointies,

That signifies her womanhood,

Her flatty tummy,

And the profound butts,

Is the totality of her figure eight,

Who is that girl?

When she catwalks,

The streets whistle,

Who doesn't like Pret's catwalk,

In the movie titled ;"The Heir" in Zee world.

Who is that girl?

I whisper into your ear,

"That girl is you"

That's why I call you the epitome of beauty.

You are exceptionally designed by your creator,

Don't trade it for money.

@ Angel Okolie.

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