• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Bikom Cecilia, Girl Advocate.

I joined the Girls Voices Initiative in December 2019. the Journey started with a one-week training which was very awesome, educative, and interactive. I learned things/lessons for a lifetime, like leadership involves tolerance humility, solving problems, rights of a girl child, the programme made me discovered things I am good at. In a nutshell, the programme made a new individual.

Journeying through the practical aspect wasn't funny at all, although it was interesting. My Group's advocacy is on ending Young Girls Being Married Off and Engaged In Economic Activities Instead Of Going To School in Makoko community. I have gained many experiences with this our advocacy. the research went well, but it was a rough road, being that we were a serious issue with communication, the language barrier. The people in this community only understand the "Egun" language and a little bit of the Yoruba language, but we are grateful that we were able to speak to over 100 affected issues girls between the ages of 13-19.

It sure devastating, but they know nothing of what they are into. the girls were very free with us, they laughed with us and the entire dialogue meeting went on smoothly.

This programme has taught me tolerance, how to tolerate, some of the girl's attitude, and accept them for who they are.

My group and I have really been through a lot and I hope that we will come out triumphantly.

To Rise Up, Action Health Incorporated, and Cummins. I want to say a very big thank you for giving me this opportunity and also a very big thank you to my group members for making this whole advocacy easier.

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