• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Olusegun Olawunmi, Girl Advocate.

So far my advocacy has built me up in a lot of ways, it has helped me with my confidentiality and in my leadership skills, and that has inspired me to have a club of my own called voice to the voiceless in my school(mainland senior high school).

I have also learned teamwork about teamwork, teamwork is now something I cherish so much because u get to see different people with different ideas, then you have to put those ideas together to make it more meaningful and I learn to not discriminate orders to matter what happens, and the fact that I learned to know some communities and not only Knowing them

My group"s advocacy is amazing, for us to have withness young girls being married off in makoko and enagaed in economic activities instead of going to school is so much touching, who knew that such still happens in these times. We had to go to Makoko community to have a chat with those girls who are into early child Marriage and those Young girls who live around the community. Can you imagine young girls who are between the ages of 14-18 having children? Our entire advocacy is like an adventure, for me to have withness those young girls. it just so sad.

I learned have also learned more about communication and negotiating skills to be precise, because, not everything has to be handled with violence, sometimes, you just need to maneuver your way out of some situations.

As for me, this advocacy training has been the best for me and the best experience so far, learning to be disciplined, confident, a leader, to be an advocate, teamwork, self-defense I mean it a WOW and I hope and believe that

I believe that our advocacy creates a change in Makoko community or even to the world and I Olusegun Olawunmi a girl leader Will create a change in my country or even to the world and a big thanks to Girls Voices Initiative, Rise Up, Action Health Incorporated and also Cummins for giving me the opportunity to be part of this program.

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