• Angel Isioma


A poem by Okolie Angel Isioma ~a girl child advocate.

Are Nigerian health workers gods? Can they make the invisibility visible? Work effectively in an empty structured? And finish the rest with abracadabra, Without facilities for enabling types? Absolutely impossible. We all like life without stressor, Pain and peril, So we long to have it well, But not first to put it well, And the fact lies on the latter, That makes us quest for better. So we sojourn to distant land, Where knowledge is vast, And expansion is acceptable, The brilliant doctors are ours, But we travel to see them, Cause knowledge has retained them. There, they are valued, Not foreigners but citizens, No nepotism but equity, No tribalism but oneness, Having One pledge of allegiance, To the flag of USA. Our health workers, Chose to work there, Where lives are more valued, With life support facilities, And technology inventories, That enables intellectual versatility. Will anyone blame them, Not at all, they ones pledged to Nigeria, Their country but could not save her, Because her problems are multitude, Caused by gluttonous leaders Who said change but literally. Sight to our general hospitals, With the irritating welcoming odors, Stripes of stains as wallpaper, Messed up toilets and flooded wards,

While as patients are charged, The same as private hospitals. "They have no choice, They will still come to us, We have the specialists, experts, They may also be magicians, So let's make money, Nigeria most not spoil." Who dig grave enters it first, Ah, they are inferior, immature, Limited knowledge. Whose fault? Scholars no technology-based, Science students without laboratories, Hospitals without facilities. Look, they are going, To where the pasture is greener. Where they are accepted and nurtured, Valued and regarded, Please bring them back, Or you spend more to see them. They have been wronged, The government especially, Looked down on them, They and their commissioners, Fly abroad to see their colleagues, To treat common headaches. We can still make amends, Restructuring our schools, With new inventories, Provisions of facilities, For better service, To ensure efficiency and safety in work. PROTECT OUR HEALTH WORKERS AND ENSURE GOOD HEALTH CARE PROVISION TO THEM.

©2020 by Girls Voices Lagos.