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Written by~ Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict, Girl Advocate.

What a world we live in, a world where the female counterpart is being denied of their right, dignity and those important things they need in life to succeed such as education, health; a world where some females are not given the volition to choose what they like, live a life they love and have anticipated for.

But why are those dreams militated? It has been assumed over time that females are a weaker sex and should be subordinate to the male sex. Nowadays, some parents are so impetuous, that at the expense of getting money, they trafficked their daughters or sell them into forced labour. daughters off.

Imagine those pedophiles that get sexually attracted to young females, they have no ounce of shame. Some of the young girls that are married off usually die in the process, some get raped and they lose themselves, get traumatized and some others develop health issues.

Females are always vulnerable that they find it hard to saunter in their community just to being sexually harassed. In order to be safe, their movement is usually restricted and they lose their right to freedom of movement, they feel less motivated to take up tasks and responsibility since it won’t be appreciated, they don’t feel safe anymore and many more effects that it has on women and girls.

Even in some schools, they see females as vapid and bland, but the truth is females are great sapient and their cognitive ability is really splendid and they have a great Intelligence Quotient to help them assimilate knowledge faster. They have the ability of collaboration, they are great at sharing information and delegating, women and girls calm down under pressure, they can handle tough situations without being aggressive, they are also known to be organized and detailed, they also very good at multitasking. Women and girls tend to have high social intelligence, which means they are able to manage people around them well and they can often tap into other people’s needs faster and more effectively than men can.

In conclusion, take some times to reflects on these skills and write down the strengths you have and also the strength you want to work on, then also learn how to mask your weaknesses, using your strengths to over shadow them, be proud of these strengths you have and take the best advantage of them.

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