• Victoria Olanrewaju Benedict


Written by~ Okunola Comfort, Girl Advocate.

Imagine not being able to read during a pandemic and miss out on life-saving information. Today, this is the case for at least 73 million adults and young people around the world who lack basic literary skills. Globally this pandemic has disrupted education affecting 93 percent of students and 63 million teachers even though effort has been made to continue education through social distance learning.

Youth and the adult literary programs have mostly been suspended. This is a stark reminder of the fragile state of literacy learning. This needs to change. To leverage the transformative power of literacy we need to patronize quality teaching and learning. Therefore, we all need to invest in education.

A robust learning system can be built so that literacy programs throughout life are resilient.

Together let's use this challenging crisis to reimagine literacy teaching and learning. Let's step up the collective efforts and commit to making literacy teaching and learning our priority so no one is left behind.

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