• Angel Isioma


A write up by Okolie Angel Isioma ~a girl child advocate.

To distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable, impressive and unimpressive, ethical and unethical, is quite admirable, when it comes to an act of teaching, and it's intrinsic value. Often times we see pupils, students, quite number indeed, quit schools mostly from public schools. We mock them with all types of gestures, " a dropout, an apprentice". We call them names; "school phobias , school refusals illiterate, olodo rabata, abindajahilci, itibolibo" etc. Without hearing them out, to know whether our presumptions, are right or wrong . Now listen! Did you know? the reason why pupils and students get frustrated, and decide to quit schooling is not mostly caused by home factors but the "negative attitudes" portrait by some of the public school teachers on daily basis. No student, would hear teachers' cruel disparagement of his or her parents and still like to reckon with such environment. "If I can't fight them , I can as well leave their school for them ", that's usually the alternative option. Is it morally right for teachers to make disparaging remarks to parents over their wards slight mistakes? Disparaging remarks such as: "What do you expect from children of illiterate parents", "children of pepper sellers". "children of no future", "foolish, senseless, stupid " etc. Such remarks could disrupt and impair the enthusiasm of child's academic achievement, resulting in psychological imbalance. I chose to write on this very topic, because it hurts when you see, some awkward lifestyles, often projected by life remoulders, life changers, those you thought would know better, you will start wondering the kind of knowledge they are impacting. As a child, I started school at 7 months, I have experienced both public and Private school systems. I can categorically vouch, that for 8 years I spent in four different private schools, before I joined public school to complete basic 6, I have never heard or seen a child from private school having school phobia, let alone quit schooling as rampant as it is in government schools. You might say because they take snacks to school but pupils in public schools take snacks too. The difference is that teachers in private schools work in line with the policy laid down by their owners that already blended in love and affection. Having inculcated in the pupils/students that education is fun not war, love not hatred, appraisal not humiliation.

Inefficiency is seriously frown at with

severe reprimand and query,

else it becomes a lifestyle.

Disparaging remarks is strictly forbidden, no child cannot be taught, dull teachers produce dull students, that alone is a threat to business. Good schools quit bad teachers, not bad students because bad students can be taught to better if not best. But bad teachers ?..... Belittling parents or summoning them to school over their wards'misconduct is unprofessional. Why are they at school? If not to develop their behavioral objectives for the enabling evaluations, in which etiquette is one of them. School and student misconduct are two equilibrium words that are inseparable, and must be found in schools. As hospital is to patient, So as school is to student, and courtroom to complainant. Can a doctor whose patient needs intensive care send for the patient's parents to first disparage them before prescriptions ? That's exactly the impression some of our teachers portrait. Students fear teachers, more than their parents. Sending them to school is to remould them to the best of the society. Chastisement should be done with love, as you would do to yours. In as much as majority try to supersede, good must always prevail. Permit me to seize this medium to recognize some public school teachers who have impacted lives through their Dedication and diligence. IOJHS: Mrs Adeyemi, Mrs Adeosun, Mrs Abdulazeez, Mrs Oluboyo, Mr Mustapha and Mrs Akindele. IHESGS: Mr Adediran, Mr Oyeleke, Mrs Babalola and my Principal; Mr Oyetunde. Moreover, there are two specific teachers, every students in district one, sees as their "Guardian Angels". These two teachers regardless of their limited time, work selflessly changing and remoulding lives of Nigerian children they come in contact with, free of charge without considering their background, school,religion, tribe or discipline. They cross all boundaries, reaching out to students that sincerely seek for knowledge. Sirs, you are real "Fathers". The passion you vet to your work as life motivational teachers has put me in a state of dilemma of considering teaching as a career. God bless you: Mr Ibrahim Olawale Gbenusola. God bless you : Mr Soji Megbowon VillageTisa.

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